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The Reality Around Working Capital and Cash Flow Business Financing in Canada

Your access, and the way you manage your firms working capital and cash flow play a key role in business financing and your firm's growth and overall well being. We rarely get an argument on that one.
Your ability to get financing on items such as fixed assets, a/r, and inventory will ultimately depend on how successful and also how fast your company can grow .

Clients are somewhat amazed when we tell them that we can pinpoint the exact time when they will stop being successful! What do we mean by that? Simply that you have a great little tool to determine when you need that extra capital in your business. Most small and medium sized businesses haven't heard of it, we can assure you larger more sophisticated corporations have a total handle on this one.

So whats the tool - it's called the Sustainable growth ratio and it's a simple formula that shows you the most your firm can grow without bringing in new capital. For example, if you want to get a shareholder return on your total capital in the business of 20% you can re invest all your earnings and keep your relative overall financial position the same. Want to grow faster, then access more outside capital .Simple as that.

However accessing more capital from the viewpoint of our clients is either difficult, or undesirable - i.e. reducing their ownership interests, etc. So whats the choice. It's simply monetize your business financing assets such as receivables, inventory and unencumbered assets and create working capital and cash flow via asset turnover.

You create cash flow financing internally be addressing how you finance receivables, inventory, and accounts payable. Accounts payable you ask?! Yes, simply because as you slow your payables you generate real cash flow progress. Naturally there is a fine line here between generating that cash and alienating your valued suppliers!

We never want to be accused of talking about the problems and not the solutions, and we mean real world solutions, not textbook solutions to Canadian working capital financing.

So let's recap the solutions and why and when they might make sense. The easy, quick, go to solution is working with a commercial banker to determine if you qualify for bank financing from an operating line of credit point of view. We surmise that if you have all the access to bank credit you need you wouldn't be here reading our solutions proposed!

Other real world alternatives for cash flow financing in Canada, some of which are even unknown to our clients include asset based lending facilities that are non bank in nature - basically lines of credit from private finance firms. Other solutions include confidential invoice discounting, and purchase order financing, which also occasionally dovetail into the financing of your inventory either prior to purchase or when its on your shop floor .

In summary, we spoke of your desire or inability to attract long term capital to your business, the solution being short term working capital decisions around how you finance on a day to day basis. Speak to a trusted, credible an experienced business financing advisor on how to access the Canadian business financing you need. Today!